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Our private SPAs

"The Franken HSG is proud to offer private wellness areas in the beautiful Franconian Lake District with our Seenland SPA. Our guests have the option of renting these areas or choosing from various arrangements. Our Seenland SPA offer an oasis of peace and relaxation in which Guests can leave the stress of everyday life behind them. Enjoy a variety of wellness facilities, such as saunas, steam baths, whirlpools and relaxation areas, which ensure perfect relaxation. Our experienced staff are at your side to help you select and plan your individual wellness experience "To help you. Let us work together to ensure that your stay in the Franconian Lake District is unforgettable."

scattered village
Sauna - bathtub - infrared - relaxation room - adventure shower

In the immediate vicinity of Altmühlsee, in Streudorf 15, you will find your personal “private wellness area”. Your undisturbed place of relaxation on 46 m².​ Enjoy a few relaxing hours in your very private wellness SPA alone or with your companion


Large vineyard / gap
Design sauna - whirlpool - water bed - fitness equipment

In Großweingarten near Spalt near the Großer Brombachsee, at Dorfstraße 32a, you will find your personal “private wellness area”. Your undisturbed place to relax on 48 m².​

Enjoy a few relaxing hours alone or with your companion in your very private Wellness SPA Suite.​


Muhr am See - Design SPA
Design sauna - bathtub - trobic shower

This 35sqm private design spa would be created as a small place for relaxation and time out. Leave everyday life and stress behind you here and spend carefree hours alone or as a couple. Strengthen yourself in the private sauna with various infusions, relax with a bubble bath in the mineral cast bathtub or relax on the comfortable loungers in an undisturbed atmosphere.


Muhr am See - Premium Suite SPA
Design sauna - steam bath - whirlpool - king size bed

Here you will find exclusive accommodation on 117 square meters.
Spend an unforgettable break in the unique premium spa in the historic Bohemian vault.

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